Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why Piggy?

Piggy is a blogger who dislikes my idol, Khairy. We interacted and engaged on a number of subjects, especially during the KP UMNO campaign period.

Piggy’s resuscitated rampant attacks against Khairy emerged as a suspect to me, especially when Khairy is gaining support for his progressive and middle ground politics of empathy, that entails the vision of moving forward.

He magnanimously allocated 83 percent of his August blog piece (at time of writing) to denounce and revile Khairy.

And talking of vision moving forward, it’s abysmally malodorous that Piggy had to flip through pages of history for ancient personal ammunitions (of photos and newspaper cuttings) against Khairy when the subject of the day is on issues and debates of the future.

Such a production can only deduce amplified degree of personal malevolence and disgust against rational judgment and reasons.

A smart bloke like Piggy should understand the cause-and-effect relationship between the virtual and real worlds. Therefore, as a person who aspires to be a good muslim in the real world, Piggy should be aware that what ever he is bad-mouthing about Khairy in the virtual world is vigorously observed and noted by Malaikat Atid in the real world, especially on stories he captured on its face value without details and discipline towards certainty.

Raksasa BN came out with an explanation to answer some of Piggy’s simple minded and broad brushing attacks, as highlighted by the following extracts:

“Piggy not only misrepresents facts, but also misleads the reader with fairy tales of Gelang Patah and Rantau Panjang when we all know KJ won the nomination in Rantau Panjang UMNO Youth Division by a show of hands. To be exact, the ones whom voted were asked to stand outside after the show of hands to get a visible count on. It baffles me that this unresearched findings were posted by Piggy in the comments box of his blog. Maybe you are trying to emulate Rocky or JMD, but i am afraid you do not have the capacity to reach their heights. Although your ambition clearly is to rid of KJ, I can only think that your work will just make you a laughing stock to what RPK has relegated himself today.”


“Another example of Piggy's lack of research is that he accused KJ of having a hidden agenda with Anwar. Well as far as i remember, KJ was the one who said in the Permatang Pauh '...saya akan kuburkan pengkhianat bangsa dan negara Anwar Ibrahim di tempatnya sendiri...' and after combing through the world wide web, KJ was also being sued by Anwar for RM100 million for calling Anwar a Jew puppet (Malaysiakini report Feb 20th 2007) and batting for the other team (Gay). So like DPM, Nallakaruppan, Chandra Muzaafar... KJ joins the list of potential 'defamation' cases of the century.”

The other point is the problem of face value association stemmed from a photo of Khairy and Shahrin that was abused by many, including Piggy. First of all, that photo was snapped at random and Shahrin is known as a guy whose self-profiling tactics includes taking photos with people or leaders. He is a young leader of Kota Baru UMNO Division, led by an established local politician holding essential supportive position to the number One. So, siapalah Khairy in this context and why the double standard?

And why succumbing to simple minded appraisal or generalisation to chastise Khairy without facts and evidences, for all the wrong things as if Khairy was or is the answer to everything?

Lastly, why the attacks on family members, Piggy? Why are you positioning yourself in the same category of Husin Lempoyang, whose attack on Khairy’s son was utterly gross, horrid and disgusting? In response to his post, I wrote: “Pada hemat Hang Tegar, walau bagaimana bencinya seseorang pada seseorang yang lain – janganlah sampai ke makam yang begitu hina hatta menyentuh dan mempersenda anak orang, walaupun sekadar cerita rekaan. Apatah lagi seperti Husin Lempoyang yang mempersenda bahagian sulit anak orang. Itulah makam yang hina sehina-hinanya.”

Piggy, you are better and can be better than this and to you I say two words: Husnol Dzon.


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