Friday, August 7, 2009

Divorce v Wealth

Divorce is defined by Wikipedia as the ending of marriage before the death of either spouse. Using data sourced from, World Bank, Malaysian divorce and population statistics, I tried to analyse the relationship between divorce rate and personal wealth and accordingly ranked a selected group of 33 countries based on the following spheres: [1] Divorce per 1,000 population, [2] Gross National Income per capita.
The findings depict two dominant clusters of countries. The first, as seen on the low left end side of the diagram, shows countries [that include Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Jamaica and El Salvador, among others] with low rankings of divorce rate and personal wealth level while the second, on the top right end of the diagram, represents countries [that include USA, UK, Denmark and Finland, among others] with high rankings of divorce rate and personal wealth level.The face value of the findings seems to suggest that the higher the income level, the higher the propensity to dissolute the marriage.

However, this is just a face value of the diagram and hence, one has to differentiate the contexts between correlation and causation as well as to appreciate exclusive reasons to divorce on country to country basis.Nevertheless, it is a good starting point to explore the subject further.Italy seems to epitomise an ideal coordinate, high income with low divorce... has it got anything to do with the myth of Italian romanticism?

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