Friday, August 7, 2009

The abandoned Ooi

Jeff Ooi’s obtuse and scornful remark of labelling JIM as an extremist organisation was opposed and shot down not only by PKR and PAS, but also by his own party leaders, including the two Lims and Penang DAP Youth head.

For a blogger who was touted as the most powerful blogger by Malaysiakini, and the one who went around – boasting and bragging his so-called eminence in converting new media appeal to actual election votes, such a despise must have hurt him to his bone.

If you read his blog, you will notice that Jeff is a guy whose knowledge and argument are pretty much endowed by Wikipedia and I am “bewildered” that he got it so damn wrong on this issue. I suspect that he committed a fatal error of reading Razali’s JIM, Jemaah Islah Malaysia as the other JIM, Jemaah Islam Malaysia or a gross error of not checking what Jemaah Islah Malaysia really is – all these illustrate that a greenhorn politician like him should appreciate the limits of what Wikipedia can provide.

On another shot, there is an English saying that says: you can’t hide your true colours as you approach the autumn of your life. And in the case of Jeff, he can’t hide his prejudices against Islam and other races as he devours politics and power.


Entourage said...

Jeff is nothing but a cheap amateur photographer and makes his wife work so far in Parliament he sits and doesnt say anything like the little girl that he is. pathetic chauvinist.

Sumpit said...

Down down Jeff - arrogant bloke with sinister look

Anonymous said...

Jeff Oooi nearly got his Ass kicked in Ijok by pemuda UMNO boys, but KJ spared him.

hang ganyang said...

bangkit jgn sampai kita di perbodohkan oleh jeff ooi yang bangsat ni.

tentera hadapan said...

kenapa kita masih memberi ruang kepada org spt ini?yg berani memfitnah sebegini rupa.mereka ini telah menyalahkan amalan demokrasi yang sedang wujud.mereka ini sahaja mahu mencetuskan ketegangan yang sedia ada.....careful with ur word(jeff oii)

Hang Tegar said...

Terima kasih kepada semua. Kalau saudara pergi ke Parlimen, saudara boleh lihat sendiri bagaimana menyombongnya Jeff - ada masanya beliau masuk ke cafe Parlimen dan mundar mandir sambil mencebik dan mendengus.

Saya lihat sendiri apabila berada di sana kerana berjumpa dengan rakan.