Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why? Because KJ got rich…. Malaysiakini

I have yet to see cogent reasoning as to why KJ is not good for UMNO. What I hear and will no doubt continue to hear will be xenophobic voices bordering on paranoia and hysteria, that KJ did this and that. A typical shrilled voice was the virulent question, let KJ answers his corruption charges!. This kind of condescending flare up, suggests that Mukhriz Mahathir and Khir Toyo are bleached individuals on whose bodies, the best Chlorox has done its magic on.

Of course, that kind of question is part of the wider and insidious insinuations that KJ got rich through ill gotten and therefore unethical means. Most of the time, the shrieking hysteria ignores the fact, that the means are obtained by aggressive competition, leveraging on whatever advantage one has. If 10 people want a piece of ECM Libra, the one using the more intense means will get it. Those who didn't get it are probably those who don't have the stomach and the tenacity to get it. And the one most vocal with their complaints and grouses is probably the one who ALMOST made it. If he had gotten it, would he complain?

Those corporate players playing the corporate takeover games know very well that this is a kill or be killed game. If you people who are in this game think that this is a game so refined, then you are in the wrong game. In the 1990's a few of my friends wanted to get into the optical cable supply business. When Mukhriz got it, we didn't complain did we?

My point is: stop being sanctimonious when it comes to KJ. Since when is UMNO politics dependent on angels to lead them? Being angelic has never been a mandatory qualification to be an UMNO politician. Being capable is a must. Being clever now is a must. Being audacious now is a must. Being able to accomplish things is a must.

We appear to apply this holier than thou rule only when KJ is involved. Please show me which minister is not a millionaire and prove to me that they become so on ministerial salaries? And please ask anyone on the stage who is an MKT member to stand up to admit that he/she hasn't got to be rich through some creative corporate buccaneering. You will not be able to do so precisely because each and everyone of the UMNO leaders on stage, are tainted.

So tell us, why are you suddenly imploring us to become sanctimonious when it comes to KJ?

The truth is, it all boils down to envy. Those coming as Pemuda delegates this march are ignorant of all these corporate games. Those who played and lost now want to take their defeat to the public by accusing that KJ has been using unethical means to beat them.

Ok next argument.

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