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Not the Cliff Richard The Young Ones - Malaysiakini

It is just a matter of pre-judgment. I mean the organized debate between the 3 contestants in TV9 Hujjah forum. I am referring of course to the debate between the aspirants of the Ketua Pemuda post. As I see it, it was more of an interview conducted by the rapid fire manner like speaking Dr Agus Salim.

The debate covered a wide range of issues, among them reforms in UMNO, the Internal Security Act (ISA), high cost of living as a result of the sharp hike in petrol prices, the teaching of mathematics and science in English, Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy), the need to win back support from non-Malays, the social contract and the New Economic Policy.

I am glad that many of those commenting and declaring victory for anyone, have no inkling on what is going on the ground. I say this again, the race will be between KT and KJ. Mukhriz is already out. Most of the pemuda delegates I actually talked here in Pahang see MM as a detached person not in sync with JIWA PEMUDA. May I offer my views on this JIWA PEMUDA?

The JIWA PEMUDA my friends is that formed in the football fields, on the Futsal turfs, in the demonstration outings which are both voluble and rampant, in the dangdut circuits, in championing aggression, in grooving and jiving with the Pemuda crowd. In short the JIWA PEMUDA is one that is characterized by aggression, always challenging, questioning, not easily cowed. It is never borne out of placidity, staid outlook and overly controlled.

Hence, the JIWA PEMUDA favours KT and KJ. MM is a nice fellow more suited to a place in the MKT. perhaps when he loses, DS Najib will appoint him as an MKT member.

The other two are in sync with the JIWA PEMUDA. KJ is playing the Malayness bit to the hilt, spearheading the many demonstrations defending the symbol of Malay power, the Sultanate. Perhaps he has forgotten that not too long ago, when he was still studying, many UMNO luminaries were going around the country calling for a reality check on the Malay Sultans. Musa the Black even singled out 4 young UMNO leaders then who he regarded as the real Malay heroes. They were being called heroes for holding a diametrically opposite view to what KT is holding.

Now, what does that show you? It only goes to show, the very issue on which KT is peddling like the snake oil salesman that he is, is a sham issue. It is just an issue that is suited to his current interest- being seen as a Malay hero. The position of the Malay Sultans is already a settled one. It's protected by the constitution and people can show their support by doing it constitutionally.
So we judge the credibility of each candidate by the answer he gives and not on the decibel scale of the clap of hands. This is not a mesyuarat JKKK or the election of a class monitor.

I wish to state the following observations.

[1] I have always believed that the real worth of a person is clearly borne out when defending difficult causes. Adversity brings out the best in you. On a lighter scale, the adversity may be in the form of defending the track record of the government in which you are a part of.

[2] On the opposite side running down an opponent and offering pie in the sky solutions which cannot be achieved in any case, is very easy and publicly appealing. It's appealing because the public is naturally absorbent on bad things happening to others as long as it's not you.

[3] But I take comfort by the observed fact that rats desert a sinking ship faster that you could spell the word sinking. And this is what I detected when observing KT and MM.

As an UMNO man, I wouldn't want my party to be defended by (a) fair weathered friends. (B) Those who have made an art of hunting with the hounds while running with the hares.
Before the forum on TV9, the usual suspects are all up in arms saying that a public forum is not good. They opposed it, because that would put the lead-tongued favorite Muhkriz at a disadvantage. Why? Because KJ is acknowledged as the superior orator goes the answer. KT is accepted as sword swirling in all directions Kung fu avenger and MM is forever regarded as the man by his supporters as unassailable by anything. We shall let them dream on.

So when I watched the TV9 Hujjah- I have this feeling that people are already looking beyond the forum- the supporters of KT and MM are already preparing their version of victory for their bosses. That means, no amount of reasoning can unhinge the lock that has already bind their supporters in mental straightjackets.

I haven't seen many yet, but just as I expected, their victories are already declared based on pre-accepted 'dismal' performance by KJ.

That is what KJ is up against in the TV9 Hujjah. (1) A barricade of prejudging mindset and (2) defending the government is the current hostile environment. That would naturally put anyone on a defensive mode.

I ask the Pemuda delegates, this simple and basic question- when things are not good for your party, who do you want to have as leader leading you in defending ourselves?
You choose between the people who are quick to point fingers at you or the person who is willing to sink and swim with you.

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