Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Leader for Pemuda UMNO - Malaysiakini

Khairy is a leader who is able to see, conceptualise and use the big picture as a routine aspect of his thinking process and leadership messages. And a display of that is seen of his call for all KP candidates to meet and discuss on the strategies and preparation for the two by-elections, to be held in April 2009.

As a leader, what is important is not just seeing the larger context that an issue represents (having vision); it is also understanding the relevant and salient connections and relationships between elements (understanding context).

There are two critical aspects that make up the big picture: relationships between critical elements and foresight.

[1] The relationship between critical elements has to do with systems and practices and the dependencies that exist between them. For example, you may want your workers to act in a certain way, but in reality they are motivated by your rewards system to act in ways contrary to your desires. In order to get them to change their work behaviour, you will first need to change your rewards system.

[2] Foresight has to do with understanding how current trends will shape future conditions. Systems and processes are constantly changing and modifying the big picture. Effective leaders are able to anticipate the cause and effects of these changes and project a big picture that encompasses future opportunities.

Leaders who can command the big picture are able to generalise a complex issue, thought or action in a way that everyone can understand so they may take independent action that contributes to the larger need of the organisation.

The above will only show and prove one thing: That Khairy has the strongest and biggest Leadership Capital for the Ketua Pemuda post.

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