Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KJ in Perak - Malaysiakini

Most of us are timid. We want to avoid tension and conflict and we want to be liked by all. We may contemplate a bold action but we rarely bring it to life. We are terrified of the consequences, of what others might think of us, of the hostility we will stir up if we dare go beyond our usual place.
Although we may disguise our timidity as a concern for others, a desire not to hurt or offend others, in fact it is the opposite – we are really self-absorbed, worried about ourselves and on how others perceive us. Boldness, on the other hand, is outer-directed, and often makes people feel more at ease, since it is less self-conscious and less repressed.
In other words, people who think, speak and act boldly – are less concerned of themselves and are more willing to sacrifice for others – for the greater utility of the masses and not for the personal utility of security and popularity.
Few are born bold. Even Napoleon had to cultivate the habit on the battlefield, where he knew it was a matter of life and death. But boldness should never be the strategy behind all actions. It is a tactical instrument, to be used at the right moment and KJ displayed this well at the Perak Gathering.
Do you expect the old-and-soft Mukhriz and old-and-rich Khir to display this kind of street fighting spirit for the King and Rakyat? In your dreams bro…

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SUKJ said...

1. Nak harap Mukhriz and Khir Toyo buat demonstrasi kat jalan raya?
Kirim Salam...

2. Mereka berdua ni mana boleh tahan sakit dan kena panas terik.

3. Seorang tu tak boleh ganas-ganas sebab 'Anak Manja'. Seorang lagi tu tak boleh kena panas terik, nanti terbakar kulit muka, takut muka tak berkilauan lagi. HAHA..