Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Khairy on Elizabeth Wong - Malaysiakini

Reflecting on the unfortunate developments surrounding the photographs depicting Selangor State Executive Councillor YB Elizabeth Wong in compromising positions, I have come to a stand that all sides should avoid making judgments about YB Elizabeth's character or her fitness to stay in office until and unless the context under which the photographs were taken become clear.
The photos, I have been told, merely show YB Elizabeth alone; apparently asleep, with what was perhaps involuntary exposure of her body. On their own, the photos say nothing of her sexual behaviour and thus any insinuation to the contrary is inappropriate. By the same token though, it would be unfair to point the finger at Barisan Nasional for what has occurred to YB Elizabeth – Opposition Leader Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim should know that lumping all blame on Barisan Nasional for everything that goes wrong will lose its novelty soon.
In any case, the entire act was a gross invasion of her privacy as an individual. The police have vowed to investigate the matter and hunt those responsible for the photos; whilst the spotlight is firmly on YB Elizabeth let us not lose sight of the fact that if a crime has been committed, she is not the perpetrator.
This incident represents a low in Malaysian politics at a time when we are attempting to elevate the political discourse to one where only issues pertaining to good governance take centre stage. If we are to steer the ongoing transformation of our political landscape towards a more mature plane, character assassinations of public figures to achieve political ends must be unequivocally rejected – in the current instance, how we respond to this episode will determine whether or not such low blows are further legitimised in the public space. I say this of course as someone who has personally experienced the extent to which certain parties will go to smear one's reputation.
Pakatan Rakyat politicians are now rallying behind their comrade; I hope their outrage is based on the principle of protecting human dignity and respect. If that is indeed the case, they should cease to support any underhanded tactics even when employed on Barisan Nasional figures.
As for the Barisan Nasional reaction to this matter, I am heartened to note that prominent figures within the Government and the component parties have expressed a degree of sympathy for YB Elizabeth. There is clearly hope that despite the polemics that often characterise relations between both sides of the political aisle, some level of empathy and camaraderie can exist; and there is no shame in that.

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lgsh said...

Your comments on Eli Wong is appropriate and bring hope to young people in M'sia with regard to the new generation of Umno politicians. Please speak from your heart and not play to the gallery.If you succeed or fail in Umno at least you behave as an original Khairy. It is pointless trying to outdo others, these others are bankrupt of ideas in this 'new energy(Obama?) age'.