Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Saviour - Malaysiakini

I have met KJ once and the people who are close to him in a futsal game. He is an athletic bloke and plays very passionately. His friends told me that KJ is always all-out and tries to deliver the very best of his potentials in whatever he does: educations, politics, sports etc.

That amazes me and I think that is the kind of quality that UMNO needs now. UMNO has a syndrome that is culturally contagious - the pulling down syndrome, that is loosely defined as a tendency to bring down the mean or the average performance. Sometimes, you can’t appear too brilliant or too active or too outspoken, otherwise the group dynamics will isolate, demote or bring you down. Hence, for survival purposes – one needs to play down, appear less clever and contribute less. As a result, the whole group’s mean performance deteriorates or stagnates – manufacturing mediocrity as the unit of standard behaviour.

As a result, the group as a whole appears less appealing to youngsters who are more dynamics, more critical and liberally progressive in their thinking and philosophical appetites – seen as UMNO’s weakest spot that is strongly exploited by the opposition, especially PKR.

KJ is a performance pusher. He appraises and embraces talents, thinking and views. And that is his competitive advantage in this KP race.

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Anonymous said...

Setuju tu... macam ni lah baru btol jadi pemimpin. ada pengisian dan youthful branding