Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Malaysiakini: Holy cow!- it’s the Pemuda UMNO and the goddamm son-of –a-bitch KJ again

That is probably what many will say of KJ. Even some within UMNO. Each time, on his outings with the Pemuda, he was probably termed as that SOB!

How do you win a battle or war? You win it by fighting your enemies. you don't win a battle or war just by saying, we have got to do something about it. 5 years from now, when people asked you what you did during the Perak political turmoil, the one saying 'we have to do something about it in his writing' will probably coughed and say- I shovelled shit in PJ.

When Patton was addressing the troops in Germany, he didn't mince his words. He did not sugar coat his words. He wasn't partial to using profanities. Indeed, he used the words- lets get the son of bitches. He said the only good Hun is a dead Hun.

Before the invasion of Sicily, Patton said this:-

When we land against the enemy, don't forget to hit him and hit him hard. When we meet the enemy we will kill him. We will show him no mercy. He has killed thousands of your comrades and he must die. If your company officers in leading your men against the enemy find him shooting at you and when you get within two hundred yards of him he wishes to surrender – oh no! That bastard will die! You will kill him. Stick him between the third and fourth ribs. You will tell your men that. They must have the killer instinct. Tell them to stick him. Stick him in the liver. We will get the name of killers and killers are immortal. When word reaches him that he is being faced by a killer battalion he will fight less. We must build up that name as killers.

Can we imagine if Patton appeared before his troops and talked like a Lilly-livered pencil pushing general? The morale: you don't talk to troops in the frontline like you are muttering sweet nothings into the ears of your partner over coffee.

Here people are making a bug fuss over the speech that KJ gave to the UMNO troops in Ipoh. Like a general addressing his front line troops, you don't talk like a Lilly livered general. You aroused your troops. You tap into their simmering passions. When Najib aroused his pemudas at the TPCA stadium sometime ago, would he have succeeded in arousing the passion of the pemuda if he had talked softly in a tone not unlike a male cat cavorting with a female cat? He even had to unsheathe a keris and said words that sent shivers down the spine.

And if were to treat that brinkmanship nuanced pronouncements as representative of a more basic attitude, that's a ridiculous thing to do.

So we are bemused when KJ's speech in Perak in front of the pemuda troops was lionised and mauled. He was in a bantering mood with the boisterous pemuda. In ancient times, what do we do when people insult the king? We kill them came the answer. This answer came from the front line troops, not intellectuals discussing an esoteric topic at a Starbucks somewhere. You would expect a guttural answer, wouldn't you befitting the mindset of a shock trooper.

We want to make a big fuss about what KJ said to the troops in Ipoh. You want KJ to say things effeminate and maybe bring flowers. They want KJ to give a faggot of a speech.

The sore points with KJ's speech in Perak were (a) he called for the main actors in the Perak political turmoil be stripped of their titles and (b) be banished from the state. Both are the absolute privilege of the King. And so in saying this, what is KJ really saying to the ground troops? What he is saying is actually defending the rights of the monarch. The language he used are those directed to the enemies.

Its also the language used to prepare and alert his troops. You don't want a sissy going to war facing an enemy who is prepared to lie in front of a car, would you?

A few UMNO people called me up- Dato, brader- you tengok apa your favourite calun ketua pemuda has done? Apa pasal dia cakap macam itu? Jangan sokong lah dia. He will lose.

The answer I give, every time the same question is posed- relax brader, if KJ is a lost cause, then there is no reason for you to worry kan? And the above is my answer.

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