Thursday, February 19, 2009

Facetious Facial Expressions - Malaysiakini

When everything else fails, resort to tea leaves readings, decipher the meanings of chicken entrails, look at mounds on the face and forehead etc. when I see post comments of the interview ala Hard Talk on the 3 Pemuda UMNO candidates being reduced to interpreting facial expressions, body language, I say, these people have exhausted all their objections. All things trivial now become things exalted and deserving of great respect.

What's in a face? Don't tell us now the position of a ketua pemuda is determined by a person's face. KT's face has morphed from injun joe to a fresh faced, youthful looking and refined Clark Gable look alike. Perhaps that change can be attributed to copious intake of RM 18k a bowl of shark's fin soup caught off Pulau Ketam or injection of voluminous amounts of stem cells from sheep's fetuses. Who cares?

If everyone who is to become a politician must have a handsome face then let's fire dozens of them. Let's start with Ibrahim Ali for instance whose face is said to be more suitable as a deterrent for rodents in the padi fields. With a face like Bung Mokhtar, a woman will not get her orgasm in a lifetime, whereas in fact he may be our own version of King Mswait the 3rd ( who had 13-14 wives?). And let's ban Mat Sabu for life.

Brothers, let us argue on substantive issues please. For instance let us talk about this TUMBANG NYA POLITIK MELAYU, MAKA TUMBANG LAH ORANG MELAYU. What do we make of this?

If the applause came loudest when KT made this Dewan Bahasa declaration, then I can only hazard a guess that it comes mainly from KT's own supporters who were probably tipped off and paid. Second, they come from people who think their salvation is though an assertion of Malay rights. It is as though, a resounding articulation of Malay rights somehow confers on these poor fellows an automatic right to be cared for. For example, if you are a student, hiding behind the emotional war cry such as tumbang nya politik Melayu(UMNO?) maka tumbang lah orang Melayu, you have the right NOT to be fired for poor academic achievements.

Therefore we shouldn't place too high a premium to the decibel rating of applauses.

Here the facileness in the declaration- that somehow a Malay's destiny lies with a political party- in this case UMNO is a moot point. I have news for KT- UMNO is no longer the sole monopoly of Malay voice. Please remember in the 12th GE, UMNO secured slightly over 2 million votes from the 5.7 Malay votes. And because of that, do we see Malays dying in the streets and wasting away? That does not happen simply because what KT says when tumbang politik Melayu tumbang orang melayu is a load of crap! The ones who are about to tumbang are people like KT who had the presumptuousness to link up with the Prophet of Islam. No amount of showmanship or brinkmanship can shield the hypocrisy of KT. And this assertion of an accomplishment because he became the youngest MB after DS Najib is another lump of an unmentionable pile that has passed through the digestive system of a cat. He became MB simply because Tun Daim Zainudin brought his name to TDM.

The future of Malays depend on sound policies carried out by a good government of good people. The future of UMNO as the 3 contenders pointed out correctly, depends on a wholly reformed UMNO. This we shall discuss later. The future of Malays depends more on a leadership pushing for an efficient, determined and resolute government driven by results not rhetoric. The results in Khir's case, are kaput.

Source: Sak Mongkol AK47

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