Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I wrote few articles about Khairy Jamaluddin, a person whom I respect, admire and support to be the next Ketua Pemuda of UMNO. That few articles include a SWOT analysis, Facebook group and Siapa Kata.

As highlighted in my previous blog entry, I found and noticed few replies, condemning and ridiculing the said entries. I have responded to one of that, and the blogger’s name is Piggy Singh.

Piggy, I strongly believe, is a good person and a good muslim who writes well and thinks critically too. He also has a soft spot for children as evidenced from his comment on my article about my son, of which he wrote:

“Salam Saudara,

Children are the most precious gift from Allah swt. They make us see the wisdoms of living.

As we grow older, they are the living proof of our existence in this world. Love them undividedly, nurture them, teach them good lesson as they are the ones who will shape the future generation.

You’ve gotta keep this post, and show it to him whenever he can understand.

I’m not yet facing this kind of problem as for now I have only one spoil brat son.


To you Piggy, I thank you for your comments. That’s very kind of you.

But first and foremost, Piggy deserves to say and to choose what to say. Likewise, I deserve to support and choose who I support. And for that, I decided that Khairy is the one. I also explained that I shall observe the merits and demerits of whatever I write or refute, before doing so.

Khairy is, to me, the future of our generation. What he is today is the product of continuous and concerted attacks on his personality and character. I told some of my friends that he is the “answer to the unanswered question”, that whenever people can not find an answer or a good explanation to problems or issues facing the public – then they will just, and simply, surrender to blaming and equating Khairy as the answer.

I also wish to let Piggy knows that I’m writing this directly from my heart and hence he may not find my usual analysis and argument.

Piggy, you are at liberty to write whatever you wish about Khairy and I will continue to defend him. But, I will not, and try not to, get emotional and combative for the wrong reason and side, as I believe that issues are completely separate from personalities. If I did, I apologise and I really do.

Piggy may not like Khairy and I respect him for what he believes and thinks of Khairy.

But, what I can beg and say:

[1] please give him the benefit of the doubt for that is what our religion tells us to do: Husnul Dzon. He is trying hard, very hard, to explain and state his position now and why not you give him the space to do so and listen to what he said and had been saying?

[2] Eventhough we are at liberty to write anything, we should also write responsibly. There are many out there who simply write based on fictitious accounts of events or incidences.

Hang Tegar is wide of the mark for he supports the wrong leader – as some might think. Well, I leave it to God and circumstances to dictate, but at least, and this is important: I do give Khairy a space and the benefit of the doubt.

I thank Pigy for his visit to my blog and for the time he spent to read and rebut some of the articles I wrote. He may continue to do so and I will on my part continue to support the person whom I think deserved to be the next KP of UMNO.

As I said earlier, I shall observe the merits and demerits of responses I need to come out with. Hence, if some of his are not responded to – I hope Piggy does not take that personally.

And for my last line: Piggy, please send my regards to your wife and your lovely son.


Hang Tegar


Piggy Singh said...


Nothing personal, but opinion matters. And most important, we are respecting each other.

Anonymous said...

jebus! ure in love with KJ are u not? hes an ok guy lah...but ur claim about him being "the future of our generation"....no lah..cant make sweeping statements like that.

out of the 3 candidates...i think hes head and shoulders above the rest. but lets no glorify him. his ego remains his biggest flaw.