Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Out of context of the correct context

Yesterday, I published a blog entry to highlight Mukhriz's “sterling” performances in Parliament.

That article covers:

[1] Mukhriz’s performance in answering a question from MP Sungai Siput on Peak Oil concept or theory, on 1 July 2008; and
[2] Mukhriz’s absence despite his scheduled oral question, on 29 October 2008.

Padedoh came out with a blog article on the 1st part or element of my blog. He described that Mukhriz was wrong to argue that oil price was determined by market speculation as it was, based on his research, established by real demand and supply.

Jebat Must Die replied to Padedoh’s article and said, among others, that:

[1] The extract of Mukhriz’s speech was taken out of context

[2] His speech was delivered in July 2008; and

[3] Oil price was indeed manipulated by oil speculators

Subsequent to this, Padedoh made a public apology and a blog-entry correction. Padedoh blog said that [1] the speech was taken out of context and [2] it was presented in August 2008.

The aforesaid made me to smile, as smiling is a good face exercise, a sodoqah and is a natural reflection when you read or see something that is funny.

It is funny to me BECAUSE that speech was never taken out of context, it was only READ and USED out of context BY OTHERS - that generated a reply, within the context of the tampered platform.

The intention of the extraction of the speech was to highlight Mukhriz’s response to a question raised by MP Sungai Siput on Peak Oil concept or theory. For that, this blogger had to take the pre and post sections of the question-and-answer. Please observe the whole text carefully.

It was not my intention to raise the issue of oil speculation as it was a very easy topic to everyone – yes, one of the factors that influenced the unprecedented movement of oil prices circa end 2007 to the 3rd quarter 2008, was speculative trading. That I agree.

But, that was not the point. The point was: Mukhriz was not able to relate Peak Oil concept with his argument. Please observe again my comments in my previous blog entry. You will note that the highlights and the comments were consistent, in fact very consistent on that very topic.

Hence, it was not me who used it out of context, as claimed by JMD and, in a way, echoed by Padedoh.

It was funny – it’s just like a kindergarten fight. Smile again. But what to do, you can only smile.

Hence, JMD was right to correct Padedoh, and likewise, Padedoh was right to get his entry corrected. I would support JMD on this as it is not me who would exploit and extract something out-of-context. Nevertheless, Padedoh admitted his mistake and came out with the apologies, and he should be forgiven for that unintentional mistake.

But, my blog entry remains as the truth and point of reference on Mukhriz’s inability to respond intelligently and fittingly on the Peak Oil theory or concept question that was raised by MP Sungai Siput.

To Padedoh: Please note that the speech was delivered in July 2008 and not in August 2008. You can refer to my blog for the correct date. Smile :-). Tak pa, silap macam ni biasa lah...
To JMD: Mintak Tumpang Lalu. Smile :-)


Mr. Padedoh said...

Hey bro,
I screwed up - it was not your fault. But JMD forced me to do some research, us KJ supporters are fact driven people and the outcome is very interesting.

Pls come over if your free.

Jebat Must Live said...


You got the issue entire screwed up. The original post in KJ4KP was merely highlighting the fact that MM didn't know what the hell peak oil theory was when he was talking about precisely that! Goes to show that MM is someone who doesn't read around the subject that he has chosen to speak on, relies heavily on his researchers prepared texts and is thoroughly incapable of thinking laterally. Distinct lack of grey matter. Unlike his father, immoral as that Tun may have been (and still is) at least he is not stupid like his son. The apple falls far indeed..

Abang Mokhzani said...

Betul la tu, isu di sini si Botak tu tak faham Peak Oil theory. Si YB Sg Siput tu pun sengaja nak test Jerlun samada dia tahu ke tidak apa yang dia cakap tu.... Kantoi gila. Malu lah YB BN macam ni. Mungkin YB lain pun tak perasan sebab tak tahu pasal peak oil, tapi bagi orang yang tahu, si Botak Jerlus ni nampak bodoh giler...
Macam mana nak jadi KP Malaysia alaf baru? Nak tunjuk pandai tapi last tunjuk bodoh...

Ikhwan Alhambra said...

Hey Mukriz, Forgot to go for a tutorial with Tun Daddy before giving your speech? Didn't think someone would catch you out on peak oil did you? Nice answer bro... peak oil tidak ada kena mengena dengan apa yang saya tengah cakap..?
Bro, it was central to what you were saying. You were saying the spike in oil prices was because of speculators and nothing to do with the supply/reserves of oil. In which case, you should have told Sg Siput that you didn't buy the peal oil argument. That was a simple slam dunk answer for you...
But no. You screwed it up big time because you don't have a clue what the hell you're talking about. I've seen you MM... always scripted. If not scripted you come up with the most superficial BS with no depth or facts. In a word: Stupid.

G2 Padedoh said...

Bodoh gila si botak Jerlun ni. Tak de class. Semua perwakilan dok cakap bila Botak ni berucap lebih baik pergi berak. Balik bila dia dah habis berucap untuk kutip fulus dari Anas si gemuk yang ikut Botak ni.

Jerlun is Dumb said...

Dumb ass Mukhriz. Do your homework man. Or get your 'clever' spinners like JMD to educate your dumb ass.

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Saudara,

You're cordially invited to rebut an analysis to an article which has become the pride of setiakawan, SEPARATING KJ and KHAIRY.