Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jawapan dari KJ

Jawapan-jawapan bernas dan jitu yang diberi oleh KJ di dalam blognya kepada persoalan-persoalan dan tohmahan yang di lontar oleh seorang pengomen yang mengguna nama samaran “Beruk”.

Thank you for your comments and questions. You seem to have a very jaundiced view of me so I am not optimistic about being able to convince you with any explanation in response to your many allegations against me. But for the interest of readers who may be more rational and impartial, I shall address the issues that you have raised in order to provide my side of the story to these issues.

1) Regarding my alleged interference in the judicial process and in the work of the police, can I ask you to substantiate this very sweeping accusation with something more specific. Its very easy to make generalized statements based on rumour and innuendo but if you are unable to offer a specific and allegation it would be difficult for me to provide a detailed explanation. Nevertheless, I would like to categorically state that I have never interfered in the judicial process or the work of the police, neither do I plan to especially since I have no power to do so.

2) With regards to the Altantuya case, what is my alleged involvement that you confidently

assert? I don't want to insult your intelligence, but I urge you not to do the same to yourself.

3) I strongly deny that I am involved in any way in Raja Petra Kamaruddin's detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA). I have been consistent in my stand of not engaging with Raja Petra since the beginning of his publication of the "Khairy Chronicles". I have chosen to ignore him - at great cost to my personal reputation. It would make no sense for me to conspire against him at this stage since much of the damage to my image and credibility has already been done. In any case, once again, I must stress that I have no power to detain nor influence others to detain anyone under the ISA.

4) Finally, on the ECM Libra deal. I have explained this countless times before but since you either missed my earlier explanations (e.g. The Edge, 16 JANUARY, 2006) or have chosen not to accept them, I shall do so once again. First, let me correct some of your facts. The ECM Libra shares that I bought were valued at RM9.2 million - at the prevailing market price of 71 sen per share - and not RM13 million. Therefore, the loan that I obtained was also for RM9.2 million and not RM13 million. At the time I received the loan, I was Director for Corporate Advisory at ECM Libra and, hence, not unemployed. These facts are publicly available information. It puzzles me how someone who wants to make serious allegations against someone else can't even get basic facts correct. This alone demonstrates your careless research suggesting you are someone who indulges in rumour and innuendo without even bothering to do undertake independent and in-depth analysis of your own.

As far as the loan is concerned, it was not only available to me but to other senior executives of the firm in order to buy shares in ECM Libra and grow with the company. The shares that we were given options to purchase came from the original partners of the firm, Lim Kian Onn, Dato' Seri Kalimullah Hassan and David Chua. They also provided loans to senior executives of ECM Libra for us to exercise this share option. In other words, I borrowed money from the partners of the firm to buy shares that they own. I pledged the shares that I bought as security for the repayment of the loan.

All of the above transactions were documented and stamped by lawyers. The purchase resulted in me acquiring 3% of ECM Libra. Regulators only require a shareholder with more than 5% of a company's shares to declare their interest publicly. Yet, I chose to declare my purchase via an announcement to Bursa Malaysia, even though I was below the 5% threshold, because I wanted to be above board in my decision. I could have withheld the announcement or concluded the transaction through a nominee. Instead, I declared my interest.

I sold all my shares in ECM Libra on 11 August, 2006 for 65 sen per share, incurring a loss of 6 sen per share.

Thank you"

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